Our wedding party

We wish everyone were as blessed as us to have siblings, friends that despite lack of genetic connection are family, and despite the hundreds of miles and years that we have not shared the same zip code, our connection grows stronger. 

We are proud to present our fabulous wedding party and even if you are unable to cross the border and stand by our sides in the sand as we are officially pronounced man and wife, we hope you join us in spirit. 

Christopher's attendants
  • Petersen Lambert, Best Man
    Pete "I never hit you with a shovel" Lambert. This fine man introduced me to Dad's hidden porn collection and the art of throwing a ping pong ball across a table and into a cup filled with beer. I can understand the confusion.. especially with the body hair and all... but he is the best man... not the "beast man."
  • Mike Kitchko, Groomsman
    Mike "Its Kitchko Big" Kitchko. Kitch and I met in college where he acceled in Track and Field and in the classroom... whereas, the rest of us got drunk. He is tall, he is twice the size of the rest of us, he goes to church regularly, and if you put your ear up to his chest, apposed to hearing a heartbeat, you'll be enchanted by the soft rhythmic sounds of "Erykah Badu"
  • Kwesi Asamoah, Groomsman
    Kwesi "Guardian of The Porn Box" Asamoah. Another Lehigh Track and Field Alum... although harboring a fatal personality flaw, he does not drink, try not to hold it against him though, because he will be the first person to put what you did last night "On Blast!!" If you are having trouble seeing him during the wedding just look for the absence of light... yup... that's him!
  • Joel Clinton, Groomsman
    Joel "Freshman Orientation" Clinton. Joel has soft hands, a sweet smile, and always smells of coco butter. I am sure during the wedding if you look close enough his pants will in fact be tight around his thighs. Joel and I proved that is possible to work out two times a day, hold down a part time job, and party full time during the summer. I am sure there is a lesson that can learned somewhere in there...
  • Antonio Marino, Groomsman
    Antonio "I fart in retail" Marino. Ladies, ladies, ladies... if you are single and ready to mingle, or "kinda" in a relationship.. this is your man! He definetly lives by the book :) Whether, doing A-skips in random places, diving across Beirut tables, streaking through the library, or just taking a "snow day" Antonio was always being a bad influence on me.
  • Shawn Leonard, Groomsman
    Shawn "I swear my name is not Franny" Leonard. This true patriot moonlights as an Air Force JTAC, but his true passion lies in frequent trips to the gym and a strict spray tan regiment to one day... if all goes well... be casted for the Jersey Shore. Shawn currently resides overseas in Germany where he promises, "to show these Euro p*ssies how to really drink." Shawn truly has a way with words.
  • Keith Mayfield, Groomsman
    Keith "A fan of that White Rapper Guy" Mayfield. Keith is the quiet type and, tends to hide his emotions from those around him. Try snuggeling up to this pastey teddy bear while he is drinking by nudging him a few times... really brings him to life. As a banker, Keith is very handy with money, but don't think for a moment he is scared to, "let it rain on 'dem ho's" if the oppertunity presents itself.
  • Andrew Drabick, Groomsman
    Andrew "Hey Guys I had a Baby Yesterday" Drabick. The classic "glass is half full" kind of guy. If you find yourself in a bad mood come Cancun time just pull Drabes' aside and he's sure to to turns those lemons into freshly squeezed lemonade. Don't be fooled by the feax-hawk Andy is really a down to earth kinda guy. 219 Bitch!
  • Jon Newcomb, Groomsman
    Jon "The Greatest 10 Minute Show on Earth" Newcomb. Give this man 4 shots of Jack.. now just sit back and watch the show! He may try to play down his expertise around the cockpit... but lets face it... he obviously knows his equipment. Currently, the only cattle rancher in New Jersey... lets give a big Yee-Haw for my brother in law
  • Lawrence Schmidle, Groomsman
    Lawrence "Brown Dog Crapped on my Walls" Schmidle. If you are looking for a Rhinestone Cowboy this Nashville livin fool is just what the doctor ordered. Schmidle does have a tendancy to disappear, but fear not fellow wedding goers... he is most likely eating, drinking a new exotic coffee, or sleeping in the woods.
Justina's attendants
  • Tatiana Herrera-Schneider, Bridesmaid
    Tatiana “Tats” Herrera-Schneider – (Texas Bestie) Tatiana exudes the fun-ness, fabulous-ness, and diva-ness that makes a party and just hanging out with her on a regular old day amazing. I’m still made we didn’t trademark it before Coke stole it (what is Coke-ness anyway), but I’m so on top of your next million dollar idea! Tats and I were able to bond over our love for boat parties, Sunday all you can drink mimosa brunch, and you guessed it, working out. On my darkest days her happy voice would lift me up because when I feel lonely all I need is a “Hi Friend” from Tats to cheer me up. Tats and J-Mart live the good life in San Antonio, TX with their meow-meow.
  • Kimberly Newcomb, Bridesmaid
    Kimberly “Kim” Newcomb – (Sister of the Groom) Kim is not only talented as a substance abuse counselor, but also as a small business owner and jewelry maker. Lambert may make fun of her for her clothing style choices early on in life, but I promise you Kim, you would have been in great company. I think we lived by the motto “the bigger and brighter the better.” Kim and her husband Jon recently welcomed a baby boy, Nathaniel, into the world and were ecstatic to bring him home to their farm in Frenchtown, New Jersey to meet his gigantic cat of a brother, Helix.
  • Jillian Navis, Bridesmaid
    Jillian “Willy” Navis – (Cousin of the Bride) I can still remember the holiday Carmen, Jill, and I bonded by watching the movie Center Stage, film at its best! I have to credit Jill with introducing me to songs like ‘Personal Jesus’ and taking me, her dorky cousin, out to hang with her friends when I was in town. We have explored New York City together and I still rock the sweatshirt she got me when she was a Toledo Rocket. Willy is a wizard with hair and if you get the pleasure of spending a few minutes chatting with her I’m sure she’ll flash a dazzling smile and succeed in making you laugh. Jill currently calls Highland Heights, Ohio home and so does her fuzzy little man Gizzy.
  • Carmen Navis, Bridesmaid
    Carmen “Carm” Navis – (Cousin of the Bride) Long gone are the days of us going on “summer vacations” to Geauga Lake and Sea World, but although we’ve aged in years we are still kids inside. Carm has a huge heart and is always on the prowl for an outlet so her creative juices can flow. She is currently the Co-Curator for 1300/Third Gallery organizing art, music, and special events. She also partnered with her boyfriend, Ben, to bring a short film “Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time” to fruition after proactively raising funds to film on site in Thailand. Carmen and Ben currently reside in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Florina Mendoza, Bridesmaid
    Florina “Flower” Mendoza – (Texas Bestie) I actually started out as Flower’s employee rather than friend, but quickly they became one in the same. Flower was the hostess of the BBQ, and many BBQs that introduced me to delicious fish tacos and Katie Leonard. Over cards, wine, and amazing food I grew to understand what a caring and authentic person Flower is and although she moved to west coast and I moved to the mid-west the distance did not matter. We still get together to let loose in one of our favorite cities, Las Vegas, soak up the sun, eat great food, and solve the world’s problems poolside. She is an amazing artist and always has a new recipe I should try, book for me to read, or question to ponder. Florina is currently an MSOT Candidate at Dominican University in San Rafael, California.
  • Katie (Loomis) Cotherman, Bridesmaid
    Katie “Little” Cotherman – (Lehigh Bestie) I had the honor of being in Little’s wedding in October and writing her new last name was a bit of a struggle! Our story of friendship ignited the day she forgot her toothbrush to her pre-freshman year adventure…luckily we got to giggle about the happy moment when she forgot her toothbrush on her wedding day. Like my speech at her wedding revealed, she linked our college adventures to those of the adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh and even though our college years are behind us, the adventures continue. Little fed my love for Maya Angelou and it was my honor to celebrate with her after she graduated from her Psy. D. program. She happily resides in Baltimore, MD with her brand new hubby Neil and kitty, Lucy.
  • Jamie Walawender, Maid Of Honor
    Jamie “Jamison” Walawender – (DKNY Bestie) When I sported a mini afro and my red corduroy suspenders to kindergarten, Jamie was there letting me rock on the wooden boat by myself because I wore plastic bags underneath my boots and my front teeth were already falling out. She is literally my oldest friend and her family has fed me more dinners than I can count. She can also keep a secret because she, Michelle, Keith, and Jenkins were all part of the planning process that blossomed into our amazing engagement party! Jamie was also voted Miss Photogenic 1999 and is married to Keith Walawender. They live in Virginia Beach, VA with 1 year old son Maximus Mario and two puppies, Trigger and Rowdy.
  • Khayla Atte, Other
    Khayla “La La” Atte – (Lehigh Bestie) In college, our track coach thought it would be a good idea for me to be Khayla’s Big Sister...I think the point was so I could be a good influence. I can say one thing for sure, we struggled though specialized workouts together that were so hard and so new, we had to name them. Khayla’s music talents and angelic voice soon earned her the nickname La La. We took a few road trips to The Burg, where I had Mama Lowe’s famous tortellini soup for the first time and to North Carolina to stir up some trouble. Khayla’s devotion to God and active role in her church are inspirational and Lambert and I are blessed to have her officiate our ceremony. She currently lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband Tita and baby girl Talia.
  • Celina Barone, Bridesmaid
    Celina “Lina” Barone – (Cousin & God Daughter of the Bride) Lina was born when I was just a freshman in high school and I had to take additional classes so that I was allowed to stand as her God-Mother at her baptism. I am so proud of all she has accomplished on the Tennis court representing Beaumont well! High school may seem like a distant memory to us, but Lina is mature beyond her years. During my battle with breast cancer she organized Tina’s Team to walk in the Ohio Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and when I was inducted into the Lehigh University Hall of Fame she was right by my side. She currently lives in Cleveland, OH.
  • Iries Gracia, Bridesmaid
    Iries “Dee” Gracia – (Texas Bestie) A love for BBQ, poker nights, and working out quickly bonded Iries and I while Lambert was deployed. Our favorite meeting spot in Killeen, Texas was TGI Fridays, because who wouldn’t want to take advantage of $2 Long Islands and ½ price appetizers while playing trivia? Iries has two beautiful daughters, Sheila who is currently attending the University of Texas San Antonio and studying public relations, and Desiree, who loves soccer and animals. As a full time student, Iries keeps herself busy by staying involved with her church and goes on weekend retreats and delivers meals on wheels every Friday. Iries is rockin it out in San Antonio, TX.
  • Michelle Jenkins, Maid Of Honor
    Michelle “Shell” Jenkins – (DKNY Bestie) Gone are the days where Jamie and I used to “babysit” Michelle’s little brother and I would make up excuses so she could sleep over my house. My mother never did put two and two together that all this ‘homework’ we had to work on was occurring while we weren’t in the same grade…Well it’s been the good kind of trouble ever since! Michelle lives in Virginia Beach, VA with her husband Matt and their two pooches Braskey and Abby.
  • Maryalice Elam, Bridesmaid
    Maryalice “Fallacy” Elam – (DKNY Bestie) So lovingly named “The Fallacy” by the Lehigh Crew of boys because she is just too good to be true, I feel the same about our friendship! It never matters how much time passes, we can still lovingly reflect on our dedication to celebrating…I mean we did walk though a treacherous snow storm on New Year’s Eve with noise makers. It doesn’t matter if she throws up 1 Cheerio or 12… she will always be my calming voice of reason forcing me to look at my life decisions and reminding me to ask for God’s help every once in a while and if he’s not available, give Andrea a call. The Fallacy currently lives in Wilmington, NC with the husband we affectionately call Matty Poo.
  • Jessica (Brown) Guerrero, Bridesmaid
    Jessica “Jesseybelle” Guerrero – (Lehigh Bestie) Jessica is a talented hair stylist. At least that’s how we met and shared stories in college; she tamed my crazy tresses and made it possible for me to look presentable while I was doing laps around the track. Jessica’s laugh is infectious and our conversations are always stimulating, challenging, and hysterical. We have traveled to Hawaii and New Orleans and the tropical Caribbean together to absorb the uniqueness of each location. When Jesseybelle is state-side she works tirelessly for Princeton University. She also takes on additional short film projects to feed her desire to enter the film industry. Jessica lives in West New York, New Jersey with her fiancé Oscar (also a Lehigh Alum). The wedding date is set for April of 2012.
  • Sara Jaffray, Bridesmaid
    Sara “Sara-Lita” Jaffray – (DKNY Bestie) Her sarcastic humor cannot be matched. Well maybe it can, but only by her charming attitude. We both share the stubborn gene and that’s probably why when we were in 1st grade we could never decide who was going to walk who home. We would spend hours walking back and forth. She is an amazing super-mom and if I can be ¼ of the devoted maternal goddess that she is my children will be blessed. It’s actually her inspiration that led me to enter into my MBA program during my breast cancer treatment. She also keeps an eye on Lambert for me when I’m preoccupied, making sure he showers when necessary to avoid embarrassment. Sara lives in Chester, SC with her husband of 9 years, Doug, and her 3 heartbreakers, Alex, Dougie, and William. They all give Lady something to chase other than her tail.
  • Saunsanie Kitchko, Bridesmaid
    Saunsanie “Saunsi” Kitchko – (DKNY Bestie) Sauns got to experience the madness of our Lehigh Days first hand as she took time out her busy schedule to come rock some brown and white at very important Lehigh / Laf celebratory weekends. Although it was not much of a color change from the Brown & White of her Alma Matter St. Bonaventure…perhaps just one of the reasons she fit right in! Her military career brought her to Ft. Hood and Lambert and I were not far behind. We celebrated the first Dunkirk/Lehigh union at her wedding to Mike on New Years Eve 2011. They currently live in Feasterville, PA with their two pups Samson and Lazarus.
  • Katie Leonard, Bridesmaid
    Katie “Saltine Cracker” Leonard – (Texas Bestie) Miss Katie and I met at a BBQ and as they say the rest is history. We became roomies and loved living together so much we traveled with each other to 4 different cities. I was there the night Katie met her future hubby for the first time (and happily take 100% of the credit for their eventual union)! Unfortunately, I was also there when I took her dog, Joey, for a walk and lost him. Luckily we found him, Katie forgave me, and the fun continued. Katie led me to discover my love for boating on Lake Travis and also captained the first Team Barone to walk in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Austin, Texas with personalized T-Shirts and all. Our team was one of the top 100 fund raisers. She recently relocated to Heidelberg, Germany with her husband Shawn and their two doggies Luna, and Abby.
  • Kelly Reimer, Bridesmaid
    Kelly “Kelish” Reimer – (DKNY Bestie) The former Miss. Fairbanks wreaked havoc on Dunkirk with the rest of us and although I was banned from hanging out with her several times while growing up, I had the pleasure of being right in the middle of her wedding action on October 2nd! The ink may not be dry on the name change documents yet, but she was way too many pictures of me dressed up as Scary Spice for us not to be friends. Kelly lives in Dallas, TX with her brand new hubby Todd and their little nugget of a Morkie, Harley.
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